Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I finally went shopping yesterday with my friend Lyndsay. She's awesome to shop with, she's a designer and really knows what she's talking about! I finally got some much needed work clothes and at pretty good prices. I bought 2 pairs of dress pants (one white and one navy), a beige skirt and 2 blouses (one white and one a nice summer green) and a white tank top for wearing under those kind of shirts that go too low in the front. According to Lyndsay, white is in for this summer so anything in the color white goes (as long as it fits nice). Anyway, now I just need to buy some shoes to wear with these outfits! Shopping on a budget can be stressful cause you have to get stuff that works for work but also can be worn casual for outside of work. I'll definitely still need a few more things but it was a great start. It was a fun afternoon and it will be nice to actually wake up and not have to dig for someting to wear!

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