Saturday, April 01, 2006

On my walk today with Jesse, I saw something that for some reason struck me as funny. There was this older woman wearing SUPER short shorts and a tiny little tank top. It is 20 degrees outside today I might add. However, she was standing in a huge pile of snow (the frozen yucky piles that take longer to go away) in BIG ole winter boots that came to her knees, shoveling. She seemed to be on a mission to spread all the snow out all over the pavement to make it melt faster. I wish I could have taken her picture because I think you really had to see this woman to understand the humor in it! Not that I am complaining but isn't it early for weather this warm? It seriously feels like June to me, when everyone first starts to wear flip flops and summer clothes. It is still only March technically. I wore my flip flops and capris today. Don't forget that clocks go ahead this weekend, making the days even longer! I can't wait to be able to walk Jesse in the parks after supper!

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