Monday, April 03, 2006

Our Sunday.

Steve and I went to Voyager Provincial Park in Ontario today. It hasn't officially opened yet but you can park your car outside the gate and walk in. We went for a really nice hike. Jesse had an amazing time! It was so peaceful and calm there. There were a few people here and there but not many. A very big difference from when you go in the summer and it's packed. I really enjoyed's some pics...
The boys.
See Jesse swimming with his stick?


Anonymous said...

Hey, your a hottie!!

The Dickinsons said...

are you referring to me or my husband...cause he's not bad either :)

Anonymous said...

He's a lucky guy!

Shannon E said...

Who's callin you a hottie??
Cari, the admirers.
You don't need any juicy gossip!!!
But I can't post the reason behind my blissfullness... I am worried I have clever family and they'll track this down SOMEHOW... Alas, add me on msn if ya's got it:

The Dickinsons said...

okay miss paranoid! i added you to i'm really curious!