Thursday, January 20, 2011

Western Australia - More adventures!

Here are the last of the photos from our adventures in Western Australia. It's quite fun looking at them after all this time. I'm reminded of what a wonderful trip we had! Well, it's actually only been a couple of months since our trip but time just seems to be flying by!

Warning: Lots of photos ahead!

We visited Fremantle, a little area about 19 km outside of Perth. It's a very quaint little place, with shops, restaurants and cafes resting beside the sea. It's also home to Little Creatures Brewery, so we stopped by for lunch and a drink. I just love their cider on a hot and sunny summer afternoon!
Cheers Mate!
It was pretty cool inside, with friendly servers and a laid back vibe. Good food too!

We stopped by a lot of random places while driving from place to place. The coastline was very pretty with lots of beautiful look-offs to stop, explore and enjoy.
Steve loves to climb anything, anywhere!
There were several cool places to take short walks or long hikes, depending on what you wanted to do. This trip, we opted for shorter walks but still saw lots of pretty pieces of nature and wildlife.

The wineries in Western Australia are endless! They have over 150 wineries in a very small amount of space. If you like your wine, you'd love it there! We only went to one, since we were limited on time, but we weren't disappointed. The vineyard was beautiful, the pinot noir was fabulous and the cheese plate we ordered was delicious!
Aren't wineries fun?

There are some very pretty beaches surrounding Perth. The week we were there the weather was quite cool and kind of rainy, which meant very quiet beaches. We pulled up in our Britz van, grabbed a beer and cider and chilled on the beach. Generally, we were the only ones on the beaches we stopped at. It was blissful.


Throughout our entire trip, we camped at caravan parks in our Britz van. We were very impressed by all the caravan parks we stayed at, all very clean and well kept. We flew by the seat of our pants and just stopped at the parks as we came across them. It was the off season, so they always had availability. One of my favorite caravan parks was on a farm and had animals you could love and feed...

I want a pet horse. Actually, I want to live on a farm. I think I'd make a great farm wife! :)
They also had a huge jumping thing. Not sure what the technical name is for it, but I do know it was lots of fun!

We took a drive through Boranup Karri Forest, a forest known for it's tall trees and pretty wildflowers in the spring. I have to say, that after seeing the trees in Vancouver, this didn't seem overly impressive. It's still worth the trip though, the trees were very big in comparison to most other trees in Australia and I'd love to go back in the spring sometime to see the wildflowers!

We had such a relaxed time. It was wonderful!

If you missed it, we also did some cave exploring while we were there...that was fun!

Thanks for reading all about our adventures! :)

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Kaserine said...

I could totally live on a farm too :-)Love horses, I always admire the ones near my house.