Saturday, January 02, 2010


Today is the first day since Christmas Eve that Jesse seems able to move comfortably. He had a vet appointment this morning and while he's still very sore, very tight through his neck and has limited motion to the left side, he's doing much better than he was! He's even been given the okay to go on a 5-10 minute walk around the block. We had to buy him the harness that he's wearing in the picture, as he can't have anything that pulls at his neck when we walk. The vet has an acupuncturist she wants Jesse to see, once he's had a few more days of rest and healing. Our vet is trained in dog massage and said Jesse's neck muscles are VERY tight around where he was injured. We can actually see the muscles in his neck and across his shoulders ripple/twitch when he stretches or moves in certain ways. He tried a head shake earlier today and let out quite a cry, so clearly he's still got a way to go, but seeing the progress has definitely lifted our spirits! Hopefully, it's all positive from here on!

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heather said...

i am glad to hear that jesse is doing ok.... happy new year guys. :)