Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

We had a nice quiet evening in with Michael, a guy Steve worked with in Brisbane and now in Melbourne and his girlfriend, Alida. We really enjoyed their company and had lots of food to eat! I took this picture just before they arrived at our house with 3 green grocery bags full of food for the evening also!

It's been so hot the last couple days. Last night it was 39 degrees in the evening! Luckily, a thunder and lightning storm moved in, breaking the heat but making our plans of heading out to watch the midnight fireworks a no go!
I think this is Steve's "I can't believe we'll be together a decade this year" look!
Alida and Michael unpacking their goodies.
Alida and Michael also brought over their shisha, which is used for smoking cool, flavored tobacco. I'm obviously not a smoker but I just had to give it a go to see what it was like. It tasted like peaches and made your mouth feel cold, definitely an experience!
Champagne for the new year!
Happy 2010!:)
We ended up seeing some of the city's fireworks from our house. Steve was so excited when he heard them at midnight, that he took off like a child and I didn't get a new year's kiss! He'll definitely need to spend most of 2010 making that up to me!;)
Hope everyone had a very happy new year! I am very hopeful about 2010. I made myself a lot of realistic goals for the new year. Everything from 'see another musical' to 'lose 10 pounds'. I'll try to share them with you as I accomplish them. That might help to keep me motivated!

Did you make any new year goals or a new year's resolution?

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STM said...

55 cm of snow fell here so far and its still falling.... Its been storming for 31 hours :( I would love to see sunshine!