Friday, January 01, 2010


Thanks to everyone for their best wishes for Jesse and check ins to see how he's doing! He's been pretty much spending all his time in his crate. He's still very sore and needs to rest without moving much. That's pretty much impossible for a dog, so the crate is the only way we can get him to stay put. We learned our lesson the hard way...we started feeling guilty for leaving Jesse caged up and let him out, only to have something get him excited and twice now he has re-hurt himself, putting what little progress he had made out the window. He's still taking lots of painkillers and we head back to the vet tomorrow for yet another check up. Steve and I have both been pretty bummed about him. It's really hard seeing him in such pain, especially when we have no idea how he hurt himself! I'm really hoping that a couple more days in his crate will make a big difference in his recovery. I'd really like to take him for acupuncture but haven't had any luck finding a place for dogs in Melbourne. If you're reading this and know of anywhere, please let me know!

Happy New Year! I'll be back with our NYE post soon! xo

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Kristie said...

Steve and Cari I'm so sorry for Jesse's injury. when Ruby had her spinal embalism, we had to crate rest her. it was a very hard 6 weeks. she also saw a chiropractor/acupuncturist twice a week and we switched to raw food. they told us she would always have a limp but we were careful and you couldn't tell she was ever hurt. one thing they stressed was going up stairs was ok, but going down stairs was terrible on a dog's spine, so carry him down until he's healed. hope he's doing better soon