Sunday, January 03, 2010

The last of 2009...

Now that all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years is behind us, I want to be sure to post about two special people I spent some time with just before Christmas. Clo came to visit us the week before Christmas, just after I got back from Canada. It was really nice to see her, see her baby bump and feel the baby wiggling and kicking! So exciting! We had a very relaxed visit. Clo was just recovering from a cold and I was recovering from jet lag and ended up with a sore throat. It's only your true friends that come all the way from Brisbane to visit and are happy and content vegging in your living room and chatting! We had a really nice time just catching up and being together. I miss her company a lot!
Her baby belly is really cute. I hope I can be half as cute as her at 7 months pregnant someday!!!
We did manage a couple outings, one of our favorites being the Friday night when we went for dinner, non-alcoholic drinks and then to see the penguins. You know I love the penguins... I think Clo did too!
That's a lot of ribs!
Luckily, she was eating for 2!;)

Steve and I also got to visit with Kate and her family, while she and Morgan were in Melbourne for the holidays. Her Mom was kind enough to invite us over for a delicious dinner and a few glasses of lovely wine!
As always it was terrific seeing Kate!
Some of Morgan's family was there as well. It's always really nice to meet your friends' family. I think it helps you know your friends even better!
Check out the amazing vegetable Christmas tree that Kate made, complete with capsicum reindeer and cheese snowmen! I was super impressed! Very, very creative!
A Kate and Morgan snuggle.
A Cari and Kate snuggle:)
This is Kate with her cousin. Don't they just look like they'd be related?! Kind of like I said to Steve, as we pulled up and Kate was waiting in her reindeer antlers, "See this is why we're friends!" I was wearing silly Christmas stuff too! hehe:)

Thanks for the visits guys! Hopefully, we'll get to see lots of each other in 2010! xo

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