Friday, January 01, 2010

Laziest day ever.

With Jesse in his crate, Steve at work catching up, and a rainy gray day, I decided to take advantage of snoozing, watching talk shows and eating left over snacks from last night. The only productive thing I did, other than shower (didn't happen until 5 pm!) was make a new wreath for our front door, so that I could take down the holiday one. A great way to start the new year I'd say! What did you do for January 1st, 2010?


Anonymous said...

I love the wreath - what did you use as the base?

Louise x
(Dan's Mum)

The Dickinsons said...

Hi Louise,

Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my blog! The wreath is really easy to make. I just wrapped a styrofoam wreath with 2 colours of yarn and tied and tucked it at the back. Then added a ribbon for hanging. That's it!

Happy New Year!