Sunday, December 13, 2009

A real Christmas tree!

A highlight of getting back to Australia was decorating for Christmas and going to get a Christmas tree. A real Christmas tree farm! It's a definite bonus of living in the state of Victoria, rather than the subtropical state of Queensland. I was very excited!

On the drive to the farm, we saw lots of trees for sale. I was shocked! It was just like Canada, only not so cold! We never saw that in Brisbane.

More trees!

We weren't sure what to expect at the tree farm but we were pleasantly surprised! The trees were beautiful and very reasonably priced.

It took us awhile to find the perfect tree for us. It was lots of fun looking!

Once we found it, we tagged it and a guy chopped it down for us.

You could catch a train around to look at the trees also.

We headed to the Christmas shop to buy some lights, a tree stand and an ornament while we waited for our tree. Santa also made a visit for the kiddies.

They even had Christmas trees like in Canada, although they were a bit pricey!

The tractor delivered the chopped trees. They were netted and then ready to take to the car.

I liked the Aussie flag against the Christmas trees.

Muscle, Muscle Man.

Perfect fit. Our Yaris never lets us down!

Jesse was very excited about the tree, as you can see;)

Lights go on.

Lights go on dog.

Ornaments go on.

Star goes on.

Looks so pretty and smells oh so good!

It was strange wearing sunhats and swatting flies while picking out our Christmas tree! I LOVED it! Another exciting Aussie adventure!:)


heather said...

very cute tree guys.. looks like you had lots of fun getting one.

Skate said...

Yay for Christmas!!! I'm so glad you got a beautiful tree. I love the way they smell. Yummy. :)

Visible Voice said...

Wow it's so weird to see Christmas tree shopping in shorts. Tradsies??

MacPurdys said...

Now stop trashing the QLD Christmas! You were very happy having Chrissy in Brissie. Don't forget!

Glad you got a real tree. We enjoyed picking out the tree in Pointe Claire and watching Darryl walk home with the big thing Became a Quebec tradition!