Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dog Bed

I sewed a new cover for Jesse's bed with some fabric I brought back from Canada. Warning: Using a sewing machine while under the influence of a fairly large glass of red wine is not a good idea. I made a couple of silly mistakes because I just wasn't thinking but Jes doesn't seem to mind! I think he likes it. It's pretty snuggly and much more comfy than his store bought cover. Never mind the fact that Jesse is really in need of a brush! I'll let him relax a bit of his bed before I whip out the brush and scissors and torture him for hours.


Visible Voice said...

I'm gonna have to say this again...and maybe I'll have to say this for EVERY comment. I wish you lived next door to inspire me. That's all. xo

Kaserine said...

awww, so cute! He has the best Mommy!