Monday, December 14, 2009

Gatorade Triathlon Series - Race 2

On Sunday I participated in race 2 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series Super Sprint. What a fantastic event and only a 15 minute drive from our house. A super sprint means its super short, 500 meter swim, 20km ride, 5km run. I finished with a time of 1hr 15min 54secs.
Swim - 12min 6sec
Bike - 35min 44 sec
Run - 23min 53 sec

Getting all my number stickers on my bike and helmet.

Clo came along to help cheer me on. You can't tell at all in this photo but shes 7 months pregnant.

Setting up my transition area.

Jesse also came along.

My support crew.

Finally got to use my new wetsuit.

Need to stretch before I swim.

Santa stopped in to officiate the race.

Waiting for my swim wave to start.

I am smiling...

Looks cold? It was cold... I'm very happy I had a wet suit. The swim was extremely hard, the distance was easy but the size of the waves made it very difficult. They don't actually look very big from this pic but when you were trying to swim through it the waves felt like they were 10 feet tall.

I look like I'm drowning in this pic! I was actually trying to exit the water after the swim leg.

Coming out of the water, on my way to the transition area.

Starting the 20km bike ride.

Finished my 2nd lap, on my way to transition again to start the run.

Done like Dinner, coming across the finish line after the 5km run.

Jesse needed some refreshment after watching the race.

Now you can see some baby belly!

Love my lucky shark pants. I had a great race, it was awesome having Cari and Clo cheering me on as I raced, thanks for coming guys! Next race is Jan 10th. This one will be an Olympic distance event, 1500m swim, 40km ride, 10km run.

Steve (how can 2 girls talk about babies for 4 days straight) Dickinson


Clotilde said...

Great job on your Tri Steve! It was a really nice event to watch and made me want to "activate" as well! Next time I come, I want you to wear your maple leaf jersey though!

Sorry for all the baby talk... Let's just say it was good training for your future! ;)

Thanks for having me over and looking after me so well.

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Oh those sharky pants.... They look like PJ's Steve!! LOL
But if they are the lucky ones keep going with them :)