Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas time in the city! LaLaLa!!!

Our very pretty tree. I wish you could scratch and sniff it through your computer! It smells amazing.
So, you can't get eggnog lattes in Melbourne. Not even at Starbucks. However, you can get gingerbread lattes and they are just as good! Steve and I had one on Friday and Saturday. I'll definitely need at least 2 more before Christmas is over!
I've really fallen in love with Melbourne but experiencing it during the holiday season has really stolen my heart. The energy downtown on the weekend was electric. Everyone was hustling and bustling and the decorations were beautiful. I don't think you could have been downtown this past weekend and not felt at least a little festive!
A very big tree! It's interactive and sings to you and tells you stories when you place your hand in certain places.
A very big tree all lit up!
I did some of my Christmas baking on the weekend, under the very watchful eye of my little helper...

See that little face peeking up at the cookies? xo
Steve and I bought and wrapped each other's stocking stuffers and I can hardly wait to open mine! Oh the excitement! We also watched a couple of Christmas movies and I made a wreath. Not sure if you know this about me but, I'm slightly obsessed with wreaths. I love wreaths on front doors and I think a wreath on a person's front door says a lot about them! This one was inspired by this chick's wreath and is hanging on my kitchen door.

I'm thinking I might make more cookie dough later tonight but we'll see how it goes. I'm recovering from a very late night on Friday (I didn't get home until 4 am!) and another late night (well late for a school night!) last night. I'll have more to share about all that later, so stayed tuned!

Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas Eve! My favorite day of the year!


Visible Voice said...

There's so much to say about this post. First off...every picture of you makes me want to be in front of the camera more. The wreath that you did.....I didn't love it(liked it...didn't LOVE it) when Rachel did I want one like yours! For reals. Best one I've should send it to her to see. And I want to hang out with you so bad after reading this it's makes me sniffly. You have inspired me to go have some hot chocolate. Dark hot chocolate that Matt's parents sent us. XO friend. I'll email you back soon about the one you sent me. Helped me a lot. So much I told Matt about it. xo again.

Visible Voice said...

PS-go enter for my giveaway. She's good to send it international and I think it'll work for you there! xo