Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesse Update

Jesse had a pretty rough day yesterday. So did we. Jes whimpered and cried for about 12 hours straight. Seriously. We're not sure if it was from the pain or the effects of the drugs the vet gave him but either way, Steve and I were very worried about him. We called the emergency vet and debated whether the 3 hour wait would be worth going back in. In the end, we just kept a close eye on him and hoped he would improve. Thankfully, while he definitely isn't 100% this morning, he seems better. He's moving more a bit faster and more comfortably, the crying has stopped, with the exception of the occasional whimper and he even managed a scratch and a head shake this morning. Although, he still doesn't turn his head to the left, he's definitely better than yesterday. We'll be taking him into the regular vet tomorrow morning for a check-up and possibly x-rays. This photo was snapped at the emergency vet yesterday morning. Jes pretty much stood just like that for the entire day yesterday, as laying down seemed too painful. Poor puppy. It's really hard to see them like that. The worst part was that Jesse acted terrified of us and avoided us like the plague. I think he was just scared we would try to touch him and make his pain worse, but it was really upsetting for us! I'm still worried but relieved to see some improvement!


Visible Voice said...

Poor Jesse! And poor Jesse's parents!! I hope he feels better soon.

Kaserine said...

Poor angel! I'm so sad for him. It must be torture for all of you.
He's definitely in good hands, he'll be back to himself in no time. xox