Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a day!

I have never wished for a holiday break to come so badly. Today was an absolutely crappy day. Literally and figuratively. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be so unhappy. There was negative thoughts and energy everywhere. Then, to wrap the day up with a bang, a kid pooped in the swimming pool. Nothing like having to scoop poop from a pool with a flipper to remind you that it's been a crappy day! Side note: One bonus of being in charge...I didn't have to actually scoop it and just supervised and offered reassurance! Try being positive about, I'm exhausted!
Since lately I have been making a conscious effort to focus on the positive things and not dwell on the negative ones, I have thought about what I am grateful for about today and here it is:
~ the wonderful girls I work with who go out of their way to make each other feel supported and help make each other laugh, when really you just might feel like crying a little.
~ Snugs. I am thankful everyday for Jesse. He met me at the door tonight, tail wagging and begging for a snuggle, making all the really crappy things that happened today melt away, at least for a few good minutes.
~ My wonderful husband, who is so good at forgiving and forgetting when I haven't been in the best mood;)
Okay, 2 more work days and 4 more sleeps until we board the plane for Tasmania! The count down is on...


Anonymous said...

Do some deep breathing, continue to be thankful and remember tomorrow is a brand new beginning. Onward & upwards!! Enjoy your holiday!

Love Pippy

Clotilde said...

After such a crappy day, you'll have earn your holiday even more. I hope you last couple days at work go better.

Pet Jesse for me. I just finished reading "Marley and Me" and it made me feel very grateful for all the four-legged furry friends I've met!

Drennans said...

Isaiah pooped in the tub the other day......from laughing too hard. I didn't clean it up...nor supervise it...for some reason that's one I just couldn't do! Everyone gets a little crazy around this time of year...this is the week that everyone is really needing a break! I thought of something I'm grateful for work wise. I'm glad I don't work at Extreme Group this year...because now the receptionist has to go in for a few days over Christmas when everyone else is off and work by herself and when I worked there I got those days off too. I hope we get to chat before you go!