Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's actually starting to feel like Christmas...

...well kind of. Steve and I did some decorating last night. We "assembled" our tree and put up some lights and it really started to feel like Christmas! Then we opened our advent calendars and found a super melted chocolate. Guess you have to keep those things in the fridge here. Just a little reminder that it's definitely not a Canadian Christmas, even if it did feel like it with the curtains closed, the AC turned up and the Christmas music playing!
Here's a few pictures that Steve took of our decorations. We got a new camera, so he was pretty excited to play with it a bit...
Jesse gets SO excited when we get his stocking out! It's always really cute! He runs around the house with it in his mouth and he seriously looks like he's smiling. He must take after his Mom when it comes to Christmas spirit:)

You may recall that we bought this tree last year because it was quick and easy between moving and going away on our cruise and we said we'd get a "real fake tree" this year. Well, now that we're going to be away this year from the 21st to the 31st of December, we decided to stick with this tree again and just hung some of our favorite ornaments on it. I actually kind of really like it! It feels different, it suits the different kind of Christmas that we experience here.
AND, best of all, I got my first Christmas cards in the mail the other day!!! Thank you so much to my Aunt Gen and Nanny Henley! It made my day! I LOVE the pictures that were inside! Thanks again! I hung them with the Christmas pegs that I made especially for cards. Steve helped me make was really cute! I'm determined to make him love Christmas as much as me! :)

And the last fun Christmas thing...I bought a CD pack today with 100 of the best Christmas songs ever. It's really good, but not nearly as good as my old time favorite...Kenny and Dolly, "Once Upon a Christmas"...I just love it! I'm listening to it right now!

I was planning to bake some Christmas cookies this weekend but with temps forecast to hit 34 degrees on Saturday and no AC in the kitchen, that plan might get put on hold! So, like it said, it's starting to feel like Christmas...kind of.

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Mariana said...

Awwww I loved Jesse hanging boot :) Soooo cute!!!!
Can you give me your mailing address Cari? So I can send you a xmas Card?? I see you have a special place for all your cards :)