Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Stuff...

...mostly about Christmas! I have to say, so far this year Christmas has been way better than last year! We've been getting cards and parcels in the mail from home, which really helps make things exciting! I've also had lots of time to just enjoy the stuff I love doing at this time of year. Some of what I've been enjoying about the holidays so far; crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping, posting (okay, this is never much fun, but it feels good when you have parcels sent!), card writing, listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, and decorating. Being creative at this time of year really inspires me!
I made these cookies for the neighbors, which is always fun! I love that I live in a neighborhood where we actually know our neighbors and can bake them cookies without being the crazy cookie lady next door!;)

Even Jesse has been having fun! He got some milk bones in the mail the other day from my sister, Connie and her family. I should have taken a video to prove to you just how excited he was! I tried putting a piece of one on his nose, but he wouldn't wait long enough for me to take a picture. He was too excited! This is the best I could get, a blurry one that I snapped just as he started to move to eat it! Thanks Aunt Connie!:)
Steve has also been enjoying some Christmas treats! I checked out the candy shop where our friend, Vic got us our Quality Street candy. I can't explain this place in words. I was literally like a kid in a candy shop. It's all imported goodies and has lots of stuff from home! I'm not even a huge candy/chocolate girl but when you haven't had the stuff you remember in 2 years, it's really exciting! A little too exciting, as I spent $96 buying candy! In my defense, the stuff isn't cheap! A box of poptarts cost $10 and a small tin of Hersey Kisses cost $20! But it was worth it because the best thing of all....they had Turtles! Steve's absolute favorite! They are just as good as we remember! Eating those felt like Christmas! And guess what I bought to wash them down with? A&W Root Beer! So amazing! I think I'll avoid that shop for awhile! It's funny how just being able to buy familiar stuff helps you feel more at home in a city so far away!

Going back to the parcel from my sister...I was having a bit of a blah day the other day. I won't lie to you, I've been feeling pretty homesick these days. Mostly because it's Christmas and while it is feeling more Christmas-y than last year, it still just isn't the same. Last year was exciting because it was new but this year is just another year far away from family and friends. So anyway, all this to say...I opened my present. I confess. Sorry Connie! In my defense, we'll be away on Christmas and won't be able to take presents with us, so I might as well open them now, right? :/ Right? So, I loved my gift! The jewelry is totally me and I hung my snowman ornament on my tree right next to one of my all time favorite ornaments (also from Connie), with our names and wedding date on it. Thanks Connie for the wonderful present! Miss you lots!

Speaking of trees, yet another exciting thing happened today (wow! There really has been lots to be happy about!)...Steve and I went to get groceries and what did we see at the grocery store? REAL Christmas trees!!! Okay, so they weren't exactly like they are at home, but they were a type of pine tree and would look absolutely beautiful with white lights and our ornaments on them. If we weren't leaving in a week for Tasmania, we would have got one for sure! I've been told you can buy them, but I didn't see them anywhere last year. I've also been told that they make a horrible mess in your house and are a major pain in the butt (the needles fall off like crazy, probably because of the heat and the style of tree), but I figure it would be totally worth it! Definitely, something to look forward to next year!

Miss you all and hope it's feeling very merry and Christmas-y in your neck of the woods!


Dan said...

REAL trees! How much?

I really miss the smell of pine, I was considering buying something to spray on our plastic tree to make it smell right!

Drennans said...

Glad you're getting all kinds of Christmas goodness! Call me tonight...I think I'll be going out but I'll for sure be here until 8pm my time but I can stay later if you need to call later.xo

Clotilde said...

$96??? Wow, even in that shop it must be a lot of sugar!

Let me know if there's anything you couldn't find there and you would like me to bring back. We definitely need to buy an additional suitcase?