Friday, December 19, 2008

Joy to the World!

Last day of work and I am feeling great!
Santa makes a visit today, to join us at our pool party and BBQ that we're having for the kids. Steve and I went for the most amazing foot massages and reflexology last night at the Thai Foot Spa. It was one hour of bliss and I loved spending that kind of relaxing time with Steve after all the stress that has been our last 6 weeks!
We also went shopping for the things we needed for our trip and splurged a little (well actually a lot!) on ourselves. Some new clothes, raincoats, sunglasses, a battery charger and ipod charger, a new ipod for me and a camping headlight which I managed to find in pink! I love outdoorsy things with a girly touch:)
Lots of be happy about today! Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day too!

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Clotilde said...

Good to hear you had some relaxing time before your trip. Isn't the Thai Foot Spa amazing?

Pink headlight? Can't wait to see THAT! ;)

If you are missing anything else, don't hesitate to go dig in our camping equipment to borrow it.

Wishing you a great trip and a very merry Christmas in TAS!