Monday, September 25, 2006

A walk to remember

See that tree branch? Well 2 minutes before this picture was taken Cari was standing right where it's now laying. I was about 10 feet away from her. We were walking at our favorite off lead park. It was a really windy day. I was ahead of her when I heard a cracking sound. I looked up and heard a couple more cracking sounds. I turned back to Cari and yelled RUN, as I was yelling I started to run towards her. She turned to run, slipped, then fell/dove about 6 feet. As she fell I was running towards her to avoid the falling limb. To say this was a close call is the understatement of the week. When I got to her she was face down in the dirt trying to get up, the fallen tree was about 5 feet behind her and I.

She busted up her flip flop.

She was covered in dirt, the back of her arms were worse, her knees are bruised and she broke her sunglasses. About a minute before this all happened, Cari put Jesse on his lease because we were getting close to a dirty brook that he likes to jump into. It was a lucky thing she did because he was right with her when she and I ran out of the way. Who knows where he would have been if he was off lead!

Steve (dances with trees) Dickinson

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