Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our long weekend

We had a great weekend. The kind of weekend where you don't have anything pressing to do but you just have a relaxing good time. Saturday we did the usual errands and grocery shopping. Sunday it rained, so we had a movie marathon day. We went to "Bon Cop Bad Cop" at the theatre. I LOVED this movie. I think someone who isn't from Quebec but lives here or has lived here will truly appreciate this film. I am definitely buying this one when it comes out. Also, when we came out of the theatre there was a car that had driven into the front doors of the theatre. Smack. Right through the glass. No idea how that would have happened, especially considering that the theatre doors are quite far back from the road! Steve took a pic with his cell phone. Does anyone know how to post pics on the blog off of a cell phone? Anyway, Sunday evening we made a fire (I love having a fireplace!) and watched a couple of movies at home, Sentinel and Domino (after Kristie's high recommendation;)) We enjoyed both.
Monday, we decided to be adventurous and just got in the car and went for a drive. We actually ended up at the park that we've heard a lot about, but wasn't too sure where it was. I think it's called Parc des cascades. It's basically walking trails all along an old canal. It's quite cool. Very big. Jesse swam and we well, walked. See pics below:) Hope everyone had a great long weekend!
Jesse is getting really good at jumping off docks. He used to be scared of it, so he's making real progress!
Go Jesse!

I guess this means there is a waterfall nearby!

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