Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jeff!

We got together at an Italian restaurant in, where else, Little Italy, to eat, drink and be merry. And merry we all were, as it was a bring your own booze restaurant. This is the birthday boy, looking very dapper, I might add.
Birthday shots. Not sure how he managed that straight vodka. Ick.
Paul, in his hat.
Me, in Paul's hat.
Stacey and Jeff admiring the lovely art work inside the birthday card.
Stacey and Jeff, just being Stacey and Jeff.
Steve and Darryl.
Brian looking good.
Sexy ladies. Jolyne, Stace and me.
Moi et Kristjan.
Jolyne and me.
Julie and Steve.


3DBurke said...

Do you only own one shirt Steve?

Anonymous said...

The photo are fun. I love the party's where the gin and tonics flow freely and with a fresh squeeze of lime. Sometimes two limes. It is great on a beutiful summer day when my dating partner and I are just sitting and talking on the porch of our home.