Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

Jesse turns 5 today. It's hard to believe that we've had him for 5 years! I had to post some pics of when he was just a puppy...most of these were when he was around 8 weeks old and we had just brought him home. He was the cutest puppy ever! Looking at these pictures really makes me want to get another dog but I think that will have to wait for awhile yet. Steve and I would both like to move internationally at some point and it's hard enough with one baby puppy, so 2 is probably out of the question, until we decide where we want to end up!!!
This picture was taken when we first went to pick out our puppy. This is Jesse at only 2 weeks old!
Jesse's first night in his new home. He actually liked his kennel right away. It was cute last night...I was looking for him and I find him all curled up in his kennel, totally at home. It's his own little place, even now.
Okay, so this pic is a little crazy of me!
This was Jesse first best buddy, Tucker. Tucker was exactly 2 months older than Jesse. He lived in our neighborhood in Bedford. I hope Tucker is doing well! Ahhhh, the memories:)

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Kat said...

Happy B-day Jessie J! I hope you enjoyed Mommy's cake! Can't wait to see you dressed up for Halloween...
Katie & Veg
He totally looks like a gerbel in the pic with Steve!!! Too cute!