Monday, May 15, 2006

Pics with our new camera

Jesse had quite the run today at the dog park. I love it when he comes home and sleeps because he is one hundred percent exhausted and not just lazy!
Steve and I are really loving our new camera. We used our time in the woods to experiment with it. I think we're both going to be taking a lot more pictures!
There are so many pretty trees in bloom right now, all over Montreal. I want some of them in my yard someday...
Steve took this one...a pretty flower.
What a handsome puppy. We actually saw another duck toller at the dog park today! That's only the second toller we've seen since we moved here. Apparently there is a breeder close to here and their puppies aren't very expensive. Something to keep in mind.
There are so many pretty flowers growing in the woods.
Even the dandelions are fun to photograph!

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Mom said...

Your dog is getting fat!