Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last night I was pretty much tired and cranky and went to bed at 9 but tonight I'm feeling a little more motivated and I'm making it my goal to get some more unpacking done. The more I get done tonight and tomorrow night, the less I have to do this weekend. My only goal for the weekend is to relax and well...relax. After I get things a little more organized, I'll post some pics of our new place.

Happy Birthday to my Nanny Henley who turns 93 today!!!! Too bad I'm just getting her card in the mail today... I don't think she'll be getting that on time!:( I really need to get more organized with my card sending, especially seeing as my sister Connie's b'day was on Friday and I'm just mailing her card today too...Sorry Connie!!! At least you have something to look forward to...a card from me...Yeah!!!! Ha ha!!!

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