Friday, May 05, 2006

Last night Steve and I got TONS of stuff unpacked. I'm thinking that if we do some more tonight, we should be able to get everything unpacked. No more boxes. That way the weekend can be relaxing and enjoyable...
Here are my goals for the weekend:
1. Kick off the weekend by having the Purdys over for dinner on Friday night.
2. Get some sleep...lots of sleep...sleep in and maybe even nap.
3. Get my hair highlighted and cut (I really need this! I'm starting to resemble Jesse a little).
4. Do the fun stuff around our new place, like hang pictures and curtains...the final touches that make the place really feel like home.
5. Walk Jesse. He's been pretty neglected this week...poor puppy...but I must say he's adjusting well to his new home.
6. Visit Katie and Marc's new puppy.
7. Buy myself some new PJs with my La Senza gift certificate from Darryl, Stacey and Shamus:) Thanks again guys!
8. If there's time and the weather is nice...I would like to plant a few plants for my balcony.
This week has really been really long and exhausting...I'm looking forward to this being my weekend!

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George said...

Sounds like a nice place. Once you get sorted take some photos of the new place. An online picture tour so to speak.