Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lerderderg State Park

Steve and I went on our first little start-of-the-warmer-weather-season-hike-and-picnic today. The park was just 60 km outside of the city and was really beautiful. Steve and I both agreed that when you imagine hiking in Australia, this park is what you think of. It was nice too because for the first time in 2 years there was actually water in the river. Locals were very excited about it and said that it's been almost completely dry until just recently. We actually had to rock jump across the river several times to stay on the track.

This bit was a little tricky to rock jump so I opted for bare feet. It was SO cold!! Unfortunately, I attempted the rocks on the way back and fell in! Very wet feet!

We stopped for a picnic after our hike. It was a really pretty and peaceful spot. Insects were chirping, you could hear the stream running and the children giggling in the water a bit further down the river. I really enjoyed it.

I was most excited about getting to use the picnic blanket I recently made. I bought this lady's book and loved the idea for the beach/picnic blanket on the go. I think it's going to come in very handy in the coming months. I felt very inspired and excited about the coming season today and am now dreaming about the picnics, beach days, hikes and bike rides to come. I really appreciate the change in seasons here and can't wait to experience living in a city where we can bike ride to the beach. It's going to be a really amazing time.

The best thing about the blanket is it just rolls up and ties and is super light weight to carry. I used fabric I bought at Ikea ages ago and a thrifted bedspread I bought for $4. I'm really looking forward to my next project from the book. The author's blog always really inspires me. I adore and admire her beautiful appreciation for the simple things in life and love that she's passing that on to her children.

There were some horses along the way, so we stopped to say hi. I have a new love these days for horses. It's the eyes. They are so intense and trusting.

I picked some of these "weeds" that were growing everywhere. Australia has the prettiest weeds I've ever seen. These ones look amazing when they cover a farmer's field!

They also look pretty amazing sitting on the mantle in our bedroom, reminding me of all there is to be grateful for this season.


Visible Voice said...

Hey! I went to comment on this last night but my internet shut down and then I forgot to come back. So do you have the handmade home or the creative family book?? You should send soule mama the picture of you blanket...I think she likes to see what's being made!

Kaserine said...

I adore your blanket!!! I've always liked that pattern too. Good job Cari! :-)