Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!'s that time of year again! I really like Halloween! Of course, I enjoy any reason for having an excuse to get dressed up in costume and act silly!
We had a massive Halloween day at work on Thursday (our busiest day). I dressed up as a fairy and the kids came as everything from a Ninja Turtle to a Dragon Princess. It was pretty cute!!! We also carved a pumpkin, which was super exciting because none of the kids had ever done that before, seeing as Halloween isn't really a big deal here. I put slime, cold spaghetti and pumpkin insides out for sensory play and we played a great game of toss the ghost into the plastic pumpkin. Of course there were lots of decorations and Halloween arts and crafts. We topped the day off with "Pirate's Gold" (pumpkin pastries) with "Witches' Broth" (banana milkshake) for lunch and "Worms in Dirt" (gummy worms in chocolate pudding) for afternoon tea.
It was a lot of fun!

That's one really awesome thing about working with kids that I missed when I wasn't doing it... the holidays are just so much more fun when you get to celebrate with the wee ones! I was pretty pooped though...all that fun means very hyper kiddies, so Steve and I are taking today pretty easy for Halloween. I think I've had my fill for another year!

Hope everyone has a very spooky and exciting Halloween!:)


Clotilde said...

Happy Halloween to you too! We had 31 Trick or Treaters come to our house. I love The Gap!

Felt almost like home but the kids didn't wear snowsuits under their costumes and they were looking at the candy we gave them right away and commenting, which was hilarious!

Visible Voice said...

FAB Costume!!! I'm glad you're bringing the spirit of Halloween to the Aussie kids!