Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've been doing a pretty poor job of blogging these days! There just hasn't seemed to be time! We've been keeping very busy between work and Steve's half Iron Man training, the days just fly by! We've also been putting some time into organizing our home. We kind of just moved in and then I started work and well, the house got pretty neglected! We cleaned out our sun room and outdoor shed. Check out the crap we got rid of! It wasn't all ours (the last tenants left the shed full of junk) but it still amazes me how easy it is to gather junk! It felt really good to have it all organized. I'll post some pics of home soon!

I also finally organized all our papers. Man, we get a lot of papers! Jesse was needing a little love while I was working and decided to make his point clear!!!

I hung fairy lights in our kitchen. Aussies call them fairy lights. I love it! Actually I really love fairies! Especially since my friend, Kristy gave me my fairy necklace!

We went to Anara's first birthday party. Her very first taste of anything sweet was this Rice Krispie square that I brought! She really liked it! I mean, who wouldn't with Canadian marshmallows?! This was followed by a very yummy penguin shaped cake!

Steve and I have been really enjoying the city. We go out for drinks, or food, or shopping...a lot. I really like just bumming around Melbourne. It's a good bumming around kind of city! This past weekend, the weather was much warmer than it's been. I think spring is definitely in the air! We took a break from our shopping and stopped at a pub, ate outside and relaxed. Have you had sweet potato fries? Holy YUM! The whole thing made me very excited for summer in Melbourne! I think it's going to be really awesome!

And guess what? I'm heading to Brisbane this weekend for some much needed girl time with my bestest pals! Can't wait...I'm sure there will be lots of pics, so stay tuned!

What have you been up to?

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