Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bed sheets, paint and creativity!

The other day I brought an old bed sheet to work and the kids and I painted this house to cozy up our home corner, or as we call it, our "Imagination Station", where all the magic happens! The kids were so proud of it and I thought it was just so cute, I couldn't resist taking a photo! It's amazing how much fun painting a bed sheet can be! The children thought it was the best thing EVER! If you have old sheets kickin' around the house, mix up some paint, stick in some brushes and let the kids go crazy! They'll seriously think you're the coolest person on earth!:)


Visible Voice said...

Love that idea!! I'll keep that in mind with the cute kid gets older!

Skate said...

Yay for photos!!! How cute does your room look? I wanna play. :)

I love the sheet idea. Thanks for your tips! [you need a separate professional blog for all your cool ideas!... Maybe a book deal also ;)]

Clotilde said...

Very nice imagination station, especially the sheet!