Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday Night Drinks...

Steve and I went out for dinner Friday night, followed by a little Costco outing. Prices were really good AND they had orange cheddar cheese (can't usually get that here) AND 2 Bite Brownies (Steve's favorite!) that actually said product of Canada! I think we'll become members!

After Costco, we met up with some of Steve's co-workers for drinks. Good times as always!

Lucy is moving back to Britain, so this was our last night out with her. She's the only other girl other than me who ever goes I really need to make friends!!!

Look at my face in this photo! I wonder what we were talking about!

I worked on Saturday morning, so we didn't stay out late. My work hosted an Open Day to show off our centre. It went really well and I was pretty happy with how my classroom came together. I've been working hard at it for the last couple of months and it's finally where I want it. I might try to post some pics soon!

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Visible Voice said...

well I'm so dying for a Cari chat!