Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tasmania: Day 1: Hobart

We touched down in Hobart on the 21st of December and spent the day seeing some of the city. Hobart is just a small city with a population of about 203 600 (according to the Lonely Planet) and it definitely had a small town feeling. I, of course liked that instantly and found it felt a lot like Halifax, especially at the waterfront! It also reminded us a lot of Canada in general, with cooler temperatures (it was summer there and the sun was shining but it was only a breezy 20 degrees celsius) and similar trees (like the birch tree in the photo above) and surroundings.
Seriously, the waterfront felt so much like home! And it smelled oh so good! Actually all of Tasmania smelled amazing!!! So fresh and clean!
Lots of boats...
Of course we had to go for lunch and have very fresh, very yummy fish and chips!
Actually, the fish and chips that we had all over Tasmania were yummy!

There seemed to be a lot of history to the city, lots of old buildings and adorable old houses. One trendy area called Salamanca Place (including Salamanca Square) was particularly charming, with lots of restaurants, cafes and shops. They also have a market there every Saturday, but unfortunately, we missed out on that because we arrived a day too late.
The city felt very safe and was pretty at night. Not much seemed to happen after 10 pm there though, definitely not a party city!!
One thing that was really nice is that they have daylight savings time, so it didn't get dark until about 9:30 in the evening. That was a treat coming from Queensland where we don't have daylight savings and it gets dark by about 7:30 pm here. Helped to make the days longer, leaving more time for exploring!

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Drennans said...

Totally like Halifax! Love it already!