Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok, so Kristi tagged me to write 6 things about myself on my blog. I saw something like this on facebook recently as well, except that you had to write 24 things about yourself. I'm not sure I could think of 24 things to write, well at least not 24 things that I want just anyone to know! But, I figure 6, I can handle, so here goes...

1. I'm losing interest in my blog. I know I've been doing it for years and it's an awesome way to keep record of all we've been experiencing in our life, but lately I'm just not that into it. I'm not sure if it's because I'm just going through a stage where there isn't really anything I want to share, or if I'm just finding other creative things to do instead, that I enjoy more. I'm wondering if I have just got to a point where I want to spend my free time living life and not just writing about it at the computer. Whatever the reason, I guess time will tell and in the meantime, I'm only going to post if I truly feel like it. I'm trying to take the word "should" out of my vocabulary. I'm always pressuring myself with all the things I "should do" and then if I don't get them done, I feel guilty. I don't want the blog to be another "should".

2. I don't like the word "hate" and try to never use it. I remember my Mom telling me once when I was little that the word "hate" is a very strong word and that I should say "strongly dislike" instead. For some reason that stuck with me and I have always tried not to say it. I think I might slip up sometimes, but I catch myself when I do and make a mental note to try not to use it again.

3. Having said that, I strongly dislike being too hot or too cold. I don't do extremes well. I think if I were to live in the perfect place, it would be 25 degrees everyday and no cooler than 15 degrees at night. That would be great!

4. I am so in love with my dog, Jesse. I have always liked animals but never really understood the whole "Man's best friend" thing until I had my own dog. I understand this more and more as Jesse gets older and closer to us. I remember my cousin, Kathy and her husband, Joe telling us that we'd notice Jesse getting more affectionate with us as he grows older and it's so true. Jesse is a bit spoiled, doesn't always come when called and loves to do inappropriate things at the most embarrassing times, but he's just perfect for us. He's taught me so much about love, and patience and just the importance of enjoying the simply things in life.

5. I love cleaning my house. Not just the feeling of having the house clean once I've spent hours doing it, but the whole process of it. I find it cleanses my mind and soul. It really changes the energy in the house and me! I just wish I had more time in a day to happily do it!

6. I really wish I could eat anything I want without getting a tummy ache. I'm not even talking junk food, but it would just be so nice to go to a restaurant and pick anything on the menu without having to triple think about how I'll feel later. I miss living like that, when food wasn't something I had to spend so much time thinking and worrying about.

Okay, that's my 6. I just wrote them as they came to me, so there's no particular order. What's your 6 things? Feel free to share if you like...


Skate said...

1. I secretly (or not so secretly) dream of being paid to do installation artwork.

2. I will drive just for the sake of driving and often come up with an excuse to get into my car and go.

3. My favourite chocolate is Lindt 70%

4. I can install a haunted house in a basement to rival any in America

5. If I could afford it, I would like to live somewhere in the world very culturally and linguistically different to Australia for a year helping to build water infrastructure.

6. I'm an apprentice druid with the AODA ->

Drennans said...

love them! but am happy to report I think I knew that all about you! Love that even more!

Sara said...

After reading your post, I have come to the realization, that I am not adopted...I could say at least 4/6 things, I do/feel the same.

Mariana & Nick said...

We are on the same boat!! I wish I could eat anything I want without having a tummy ache too :(
Downiside of lactose intolerance and having a sensitive stomach.