Sunday, January 25, 2009


I haven't been feeling very inspired these days. There's been a lot going on with Steve's work and we've both been feeling pretty drained. But, today I feel more motivated than I have in awhile. I have been reading the cutest little book called "Living Juicy, Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul" by an author named Sark. It puts a smile on my face and makes me want to rush outside, swing on a swing and laugh out loud. Great little book.

I also saw a naturopath/nutritionist this past week who think I may be allergic to food with histamines in them. That's things like tomatoes, citrus fruit, alcohol, bananas, vinegar, etc...Could explain why I still get headaches, sinus pain and tummy aches. I've cut them out of my diet, along with going gluten free rather than just wheat free and for one month I am completely avoiding sugar. Even natural sugar, so no fruit, honey or maple syrup. It's kind of fun and I love that it's making me get creative with my cooking again! This morning for breakfast I made dairy free buckwheat pancakes with mixed berries (I can have berries, just not strawberries) that I heated on the stove and sheep's yogourt, which is surprisingly delicious and doesn't give me a belly ache like cow's milk! Give it a try...sheep's feta is also yummy! I like it better than cow's feta in salads!

And lastly, this morning I had a pretty good laugh when my number one inspiration and I had a little conversation while snuggling on the bed, as it poured rain outside. Here's how it went...

Cari: "Isn't it interesting to think that we will never live this exact moment ever again?"
Steve: "What do you mean?"
Cari: "Well, this exact moment in time right now, we should make the very best of it because it will never occur again. Ever."
Steve: "Should I fart?"
Cari: Bursts out laughing at the simplicity of the thought and has absolutely nothing to say in return.

What guy, that Steve of mine:)

PS. Hopefully, this attitue means I'll be motivated to start posting again!


Drennans said...

Can't wait to read the book; Wish I could get some of those allergy tests done and am jealous that you can get creative with your food; Had to read out loud the "steve: should I fart?" moment to Matt! Good post for sure!

George said...

Wow! Keep this up and you`ll be living off

In all seriousness after my holiday indulgences and subsequent illness I too have nailed down my diet.

Feeling better all the result of lots of fresh veggies and fruits.Avoiding processed foods,meats and eating seeds/nuts. Unpasturized apple cider vinegar(with the "mother")in a morning apple juice tonic. Quinoa! Good stuff...check it out. Gluten free and has all 7 amino acids so it is a great protein food. You should be able to become creative with it as it is great for baking.