Monday, September 15, 2008


Everyone here says that there isn't really seasons. It's just warm and warmer. I agree that the season changes aren't as dramatic as Canada but they are definitely still there. Maybe because it's our second spring here and I just know what to look for or maybe just because I have been looking so forward to spring all winter but either way I can most definitely see the signs that spring has sprung.
Here's a few of them:
~ the sun is waking up way earlier, which is great for getting up on the days I work at 7 but terrible for the weekends!
~ the sun is hanging around later into the evening
~ it's much warmer at night and in the morning...I have already taken the second blanket off the bed and think I might retire the flannel sheets for another year today
~ the geckos are back
~ the birds are starting to swoop!!!! Jesse has already been swooped once and the fear is starting to set in when I'm walking!
~ new flowers are starting to bloom, we have flowers in bloom all year around but there are some that just bloom in the spring
~the sun is getting way hotter and has bite...need to always have sunscreen on now if you're outside or you will burn
~ today when I walked Jes I saw a water dragon....the first one that I've seen in a couple of months...
~ ...and Jes can no longer be walked in the middle of the day. Way too hot. Poor puppy is panting pretty hard after the walk we just returned from.
~I have that usually spring motivation and the inspiration to do something creative. The big difference though is that at home when spring shows it's signs, I start thinking of Easter crafts and cards, here I'm thinking of Christmas!

Okay, that's my list for now...has anyone else noticed anything?

In other news....I'm out of shape. Terribly out of shape. It's a bit embarrassing really and it's even worse because Steve is in the best shape of his life. It's shocking what good shape he's in. So, today is day 1 of "Cari Gets Fit". I don't need to look like a muscle woman or anything, I'd just like to be able to sprint a few metres and not feel like I am going to die. Plus, I'll enjoy mountain biking a lot more if I actually have some ability to do cardio. Anyway, I'm putting this on the blog to motivate myself. I'm hoping that it'll help me stick to it, if everyone knows about it! I'm setting realistic goals or else I won't do it.
Here's the plan for now...
~Walk/Run with Jesse 5 times a week. I want to build my cardio endurance up so that eventually I will be able to run the whole loop that I do (it's about 5 km)
~Go for a bike ride by the river 3 times a week
~Do yoga 1 time a week (I think I will get a video)
I want to build on the goals as time passes, but I'm going to start with this. I'm hoping to be in better shape but the time we go to Tasmania at Christmas. I'll let you know how it goes...

Sorry for the no picture post...I'll try to post some photo signs of spring soon!

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Drennans said...

That's great Cari! I too am on a mission to get fit! I've been doing Turbo Jam and 10 minute trainer (the yoga is my fave cause it's just ten minutes and doable with a baby buggin me) but I'm needing to add even more cardio. It's hard...not sure how I'll do it. But I should tell you the last time I saw a picture of your legs they were smoking hot so you must be in fairly great shape anyway! xo