Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bridge to Brisbane Baby! New Personal Best Time!!

On Sunday I ran the Bridge to Brisbane, which is a charity run to raise money for Youngcare, who provide housing and lifestyle opportunities for young Australians who require full-time care.
So, up I got at 4am Sunday morning, and 45 minutes later I woke up the wife.....Off we went to pick up Darryl and Mike to join 36 thousand other runners and walkers. I ran a new personal best 10km time of 45 minutes 19 seconds, shaving 2 minutes off my last 10km race time.

I stole the next two images off the net.

Cari got a pic of me just before I crossed the finish line.
Darryl, Me and Mike after the race. Don't pay attention to the kid, he snuck his way into the shot.
Another kid trying to steal my thunder.
A dude in a plane was writing stuff in the sky, guess who this ad is for...
The Purdy's.


Clotilde said...

No shark pants? Now... I'm disappointed...

Congrats on the new BEST. I was telling my physio about you (she ran the B2B as well) and how much of an inspiration you are. Keep on running!

The Dickinsons said...

I did indeed have my shark pants, but Cari dropped us off near the start line and left right away to get to the finish line, so I took off the pants when I got out of the car, it was a cold morning so they came in handy once again.


Drennans said...

Pretty impressive...but not as impressive as those sexy tights...grrr!