Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Nite!

Last night a group of us went out for a little ladies night out. Dinner, dancing and drinks was the plan. We ate and had drinks at a restaurant downtown and then went to a bar nearby for more girly chat and more drinks. We ended in an area of the city called the Valley, basically just down the street from where we live. It's a busy part of town on a Saturday night! Lots of people and stuff going on. We danced the rest of the night away at a gay bar that played great music! I had a fantastic time! I won't say too much about the pics, they're pretty self-explanatory...

The cab ride to the Valley was fun...the cabbie turned up the music and didn't even seem to mind all the girls trying to talk...and sing over each other!

If you look closely, you can see the crowds of people on the other side of the street...

Dancing was a lot of fun. It's been ages since I've been out dancing! It's interesting though how even at a gay bar, there still managed to be creepy straight guys trying to hit on us!

After we left the bar, I found out that the boys had done their own night out and were just across the street at another bar. I met up with Steve and went for a kebab, kind of equivalent to a slice of pizza at home. You know, the greasy junk you eat after a good night out on the gross it's good!
Thanks for a wonderful evening ladies!

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Drennans said...

That's so fun!! You look so pretty all dolled up as always! Glad you had a fun night ending with some grease.