Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steve's Marathon Training...

Steve's been training for a Marathon that's coming up on October 9th. Sometimes when he comes home, he looks like this. Yup, his nipples actually bleed. I show him lots of sympathy and love, after I've snapped photos of him, of course!
(Steve edit - this pic was taken after a 3hr, 35km training run, which rained for a lot of it causing much more friction than usual)
Then he takes an ice bath to help stop his muscles from swelling. I can't help myself, the sympathy goes out the window and I just laugh. I mean, seriously, look at that face! You'd laugh too! It's okay though, it's loving laughter! :)

I wish I had half his dedication. It's pretty impressive. Good work with the training Babe, not long now until the big day! xoxo


Anonymous said...

That is why I bought you nipple guards. They only work if you wear them.

Visible Voice said...

dude...your nipples bleed??? um...yowzers!