Monday, July 18, 2011

My Monday...

...a photo an hour for an entire day. A fun way to make a long, busy!
8am///Got ready for work. It was a ponytail time for hair!
9am///Arrived at work, coffee in hand, picked up at my favorite drive through en route...still hot. The nice guy at the coffee shop gave me a free paper with my coffee. I read my horoscope. :)
10am-12pm///Played major catch up on email, voice mail and other paperwork. Lots to do after being away sick for half a day on Thursday and all day Friday. Busy, busy!
12pm///Lunch. Left over pizza and a garden salad. Delicious!1pm///Tea in my work mug, complete with my name so no one in the office 'borrows' it. You need to watch your mug pretty closely around that office of mine.
2pm///Admired my screensaver and did a few neck stretches in my chair during a much needed mini break from cranky emails and people!
3pm///The afternoon tea of champions...tuna and beans!
4pm///The blind I bought from my boss...fits the window perfectly...lucky guess!

5pm///Work finished! A super productive day. Off to the grocery store and dollar store next door to my work to pick up a few things.
6pm///Home and dinner started...yum, tacos! So quick and easy but yet, oh so tasty!
7pm///Fed Jesse dry food because I didn't make it to the pet shop that sells raw food before it closed...
...and made cupcakes for friends who are celebrating a birthday. A big thanks to my hubby and puppy who walked to the store to buy me vegetable oil because I didn't realize it was gone.
8pm///Decorated cupcakes and made little decorative flags. Ate a cupcake for quality control. ;)

9pm///Dishes, tidied up, blog.


Hope everyone has/had a wonderful Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with more of our trip to Northern Territory. xoxo


Visible Voice said...

Um loved that. The end.

Shan said...

I loved this post too! Thanks for a little glimpse into your daily life! :o)

Cari said...

thanks girls! it was fun to do. kristi, i think you should do it on your blog:)