Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We recently got new bedding. After almost five years of the same bedding (seriously, have we lived here that long?), it was at the top of our wish list. We bought everything...sheets, pillows, pillow case covers, comforter, comforter cover, the works. I put it on the bed (I just love that brand new feeling!), turned my back for two seconds and...Jesse. For a split second I realized why Aussies are so fond of "outside dogs". I even thought for another second that our next dog wouldn't be allowed on the bed, or furniture in general and decided I would most definitely tell Steve that if we ever get another furry friend, all furniture will be off limits. Then, I remembered. I remembered how much I *love* weekend sleep-ins with me, Steve and Jesse all snuggled up in bed. I remembered how much I *love* sleeping back to back with Jesse when Steve stays up late or is away. I remembered how much I *love* waking up to Jesse resting his head on the mattress, staring right at me, waiting for me to wake up and wiggle over to make room for him. The dog hair, paw prints and extra wear and tear are most definitely a pain in the butt but I wouldn't trade it for anything! And if I'm being honest, I don't blame Jesse one bit. I've been sleeping like a baby since getting this new bedding..who wouldn't want to sleep in it? I'm sure it beats a dog bed any day!


Anonymous said...

You are such a Cari !!


Clotilde said...

He is so cute, how could you say "no" to him?