Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 2 Evening - Sounds of Silence - Uluru

After a fabulous day spent at Ayers Rock, we went back to the campground, refreshed and got ready for "Sounds of Silence". A bus picked us up at the campground at 5pm and off we went. We weren't really sure what to expect (I thought we might need to not talk...thank goodness that wasn't the case!) but had been told that it was a pretty incredible experience. We weren't disappointed!
We drove over bumpy red dirt roads for awhile before being dropped off at a beautiful location where we were greeted with champagne and told to relax and enjoy the sunset on Ayers Rock. We nibbled on canapes (I ate my first bit of crocodile!) and mingled with the guests.
The above photo makes me laugh, we're standing as if not to block the rock!
Claire and I enjoying the evening.
It was a really special place in the middle of nowhere...
...and the view of Uluru and The Olgas was amazing!
A gorgeous sunset...

After the sunset, we made our way down a long windy path that opened onto a red space with beautiful tables all set for a feast...
They served an Australian buffet (kangaroo, crocodile, prawns, lamb, etc...). The food was really tasty and the wine was in abundance!
We dined with travelers from Spain, China and Northern Queensland. We got to know each other a little, laughed a lot and enjoyed good food and drink together under a beautiful starry sky. We even chatted with fellow Canadians from Calgary, which is always nice when you're far away from home.
After dinner, they told us Aboriginal stories (wow!) and pointed out the constellations. It's funny to know you live under a completely different sky than you have known your entire life. No Northern Star to be seen anywhere but I can now locate the Southern Cross like nobody's business! :)
The bus picked us up and dropped us back at the campground when the evening had to come to an end. We slept well with full tummies and happy hearts. Sounds of Silence was by far one of the most special moments of our trip. I'd recommend it to anyone! It's truly a very unique experience!

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