Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fly by.

The Australian Grand Prix was this weekend in Melbourne. We live pretty close to where it's held, so it's been a noisy four days! I could care less about the cars or the race but the Qantas 747 plane that flew over at the beginning of the final race was pretty cool! We climbed up on our neighbors' roof for a closer look...
It was cool to see it fly so low over the city. I imagine it was really fun for the pilots!

Notice the race flag on the side of the plane and I've always thought the kangaroo on the Qantas planes is pretty awesome! Very Aussie.

We just finishing watching the race (why not, right?) and it was as if we had surround sound. Kind of strange to be watching it on TV but be hearing it all around us!

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Clotilde said...

I love your hair in red. And the kangaroo on the Qantas planes too. :)