Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Random Things...

Steve has a cute bum.
I love coffee. I went years and years never drinking coffee, only to become the girl that gets a take away coffee every.single.morning on the way to work. I'm all about a nice skinny latte in a cute take away cup. This is what Melbourne has done to me. Thank you Melbourne!
Steve is cute. I like him a lot. I think I'll keep him. :)
Dressing up and going out on the town with good friends is lots of fun. Getting hit on by an 18 year old boy makes you feel old, contrary to popular belief.
Jesse literally makes my heart hurt, he's that cute. Steve has stiff competition in the cute department.
I love eggs benedict. A lot. But not as much as I love coffee. However, a breakfast of eggs benedict and a coffee at the cafe around the corner from my house pretty much makes for the perfect Sunday morning.
Life is giving me lots of reasons to smile lately. I'm grateful.

I'm pretty crap at taking our camera with us these days and usually end up just snapping most of life's little moments on my iPhone. I thought it was about time to share a few of those random shots!


Shannon said...

hahaha.. this was very sweet =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, why haven't I heard from you?

Love CS

Visible Voice said...

Oh I love watching your life unfold via iPhone. I want an iPhone! I know you're crazy busy with work but if you get a chance send me a quick note so I know how life's going and how your new job is. If you can' worries. xoxox

MacPurdys said...

Glad you love your hubby and dog!! :) I love my hubby and kids! heeehee

Hope all is well and hope the new job rocks!

Tracey said...

Steve is a very lucky man, with a very lucky dog, married to a very lucky woman.