Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy Hot!

Steve and I went for Asian food tonight at a restaurant down the street from us. Every dish on the menu had a spicy rating...
1 little chili pepper picture = mild
2 little chili pepper pictures = spicy
3 little chili pepper pictures = super super hot!!!
Being the wimp that I am with spice, we opted for a dish with 1 little chili pepper picture. Oh. my. gosh. I almost died. My mouth and lips are still burning. Holy hot!! It was loaded with fresh red and green chili peppers, as well as dried chili peppers. Even Steve, who loves spice thought it had a pretty good kick! It just makes me wonder, what the heck must the 3 little chili pepper dishes be like? Yikes.
It was still a pretty lovely dinner out. Plus, it's Friday tomorrow, so all is right with the world!


Clotilde said...

Sounds very spicy. I hope you sleep well on it!

RichKat said...

That looked awesome!

MacPurdys said...

Hi all!

Just doing blog catch up! :)

Saw your last post too....hope you're feeling better about things! It is very hectic to juggle all things in life but you'll get back into the swing of it. The weeks are busy and the weekends fly by! No fun! Even Shamus and Breagha live for the weekends!!

Let's catch up soon!!

Tracey said...

Okay, I saw this post come up on my side bar with the post title and the picture of Steve and I thought perhaps you meant him. (Not that I could blame you.)

I love spicy food. But there are some places I can tell it is better to go with the one little chili pepper. Some places just feel too spicy the moment I walk in. Other places feel too "white bread" and I take it to a higher level. But, I have misjudged.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

ferestre pvc oferte said...

I am such a spicy food fan, so I guess I would have tried the 3 spicy pictures dishes. I know, I am quite crazy, even my mom says so. But I love spicy food.

Wish Me Luck said...

I can't bare to eat spice food. Since I don't drink anything while I eat, it is a nightmare to even think about eating spicy food. XD

Contabili Bucuresti said...

This looks awesome, i will definetly try this recipe. I think this weekend will be perfect for that. Thanks for sharing it!