Monday, February 21, 2011

Fruit salad, yummy, yummy.

Did anyone else just sing that title as the Wiggles song? I don't even have kids and I get those catchy little tunes stuck in my head! I was hoping to post a few photos from our Monday evening stroll around our neighborhood tonight but blogger is refusing to cooperate. So, I'll leave you with the yummy fruit salad we enjoyed upon arriving home from our lovely (although chilly!) walk. Could it be that autumn is in the air already? I'm feeling inspired today and am looking forward to the coming week. Four goals for this week, in an attempt to maintain some balance between work and living;

~ Run 2 times.
~ Blog 3 times.
~ Bake cookies.
~ Paint my nails.

Wishing you all a joyful and well balanced week!


Clotilde said...

Oh no! Now I will have this song in my head for the whole night!!! I am developing a love-hate relationship with the Wiggles!

Rebecca S. said...

Oh the daughter loved them for quite a long time and that fruit salad song got stuck in my head all.the.time. But it's catchy and fun to sing when I actually do make fruit salad, which here in Canada won't be happening until the summer as you know!

Contabili Bucuresti said...

When i prepare fruit salad i like to put in it some alchool, not much, and a lot of cream. But your recipe looks nice too.