Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in Australia

I love Christmas. Seriously, I love everything about it, but to be honest, since moving to Australia, Christmas really hasn't been the same. It just doesn't feel like Christmas and truly, I really think that as long as we live here, it never will. Christmas is not meant to be celebrated in summer. It goes against every Christmas song ever written. It's not bad, just very different. But, since we do live here and I do love Christmas, I try my best to keep the spirit and excitement of Christmas alive and embrace the different. This year it's been harder to do than last year, I think because we went away for Steve's race and taking a summer vacation made it feel more like, well, summer than Christmas. I also think not working at the kindergarten this year hasn't helped. Last year, I was busy doing Christmas related things with the kiddies and even if they do have to be slathered with sunscreen before going outside, they still get just as excited about Santa as kids who have to bundle up in snowsuits! Also, Steve and I have both found that the city of Melbourne doesn't do Christmas well. City of Melbourne, where are the decorations?! You'd never know it was Christmas by walking around the city!! Having said that, I've been trying to stay festive by baking Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas music, doing Christmas crafts and of course, putting up our Christmas tree. We went to the same Christmas tree farm as last year and picked this pretty little tree to bring home. The smell of pine all through our house has most definitely helped to bring a little Christmas cheer to my heart! I feel very fortunate to now live in a state where they grow Christmas trees! I also picked up some eggnog today and visited Steve at work, where he made me an eggnog latte with their fancy coffee machine and it tasted just as good as the ones I love from Starbucks at home. My to-do-list for the next few days includes EA's Christmas party, making a few homemade Christmas gifts for friends and watching a few of my favorite Christmas movies. I'm determined to enjoy the holidays, even if the temps are rising and the sun is shining brightly!


Skate said...

We got our fresh Christmas tree today! It smells so good. I am super-glad that we ordered it and didn't settle for something plastic. I also bought a nativity scene. It really helps with the summer theme, given that the middle-east is very hot all the time! No snow required! I like the focus of Christmas on family (whether blood or chosen), children and of course, babies! I have spent a few Christmases in both the N. & S. hemisphere and I think I have a split brain about them. I don't try to convince myself that either is better. They both exist in parallel and as long as they are filled with peace, love and joy, it's a good time!

George said...

Good on you! Nice tree too. Have a great Christmas sis!

Tracey said...

I admire your spirit and determination. I think I might be too hot to bother. Then again, I do LOVE Christmas. Have a happy season.