Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice Skating in Australia

In an effort to make things feel a little more like Christmas, Steve and I organized an ice skating outing and invited a few friends along to join us. We went to the Icehouse, a newly built arena in Melbourne. It was so much fun, with Christmas lights, Santa, warm Canadian mittens and best of all, familiar Christmas cheer!
Can you believe that Steve and I have never gone skating together before? I skated so much as a kid, but pretty much haven't been on skates since I graduated high school. I think it's like riding a bike though and I found my skating legs quite quickly. Sadly, those same legs were a little stiff and sore for days after. Definitely not in the same shape as when I was a kid! Steve was quite impressive and skated up a storm!

A big thanks to our friends who joined us and helped make it such a fun evening!

1 comment:

Visible Voice said...

Umm I want the mittens. Just sayin'.

You two look super cute in your matchy Canada's!!!

Does that even make sense? I'm sick and sleep deprived.