Monday, November 20, 2006

Some pics of our sighseeing adventures...

Okay, let me just ask you...would seeing this (people sitting in a bus in the middle of the parking lot) make you want to rush home and book your trip to Mexico??? I find this the strangest form of advertising...They were even acting out suntanning and getting a massage at one point...It must get boring in there...I wonder how much they get paid...
This is the Go to Mexico bus.
Kristi on the train in her new Montreal scarf.
The Christmas display in the Ogilvy's window downtown. You know Christmas is on the way when this pops up. Where's the snow? I think we need a little snow to make it feel more Christmasy and less grey in Montreal! Man, November really is a depressing looking month!
More of the display. It's really very cool! Everything moves and does actions.
I love this wine rack. This was at the restaurant where we had breakfast/lunch...brunch.
Me checking out the Notre Dame Basilica...You used to be able to just walk in and have a look, now it costs $4 for a peek!
Us in China Town. I bought my usual China medicine things for neck pain at the Chinese Drugstore...LOVE that stuff! The Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. This is the place where Celine Dion got married.
The Bay on Ste. Catherine Street. Not a great picture but it looked very pretty at night.
Kristi took this picture. She found the little snow tents that everyone puts over their driveways weird, and it's true...I remember when we moved here, I thought it was weird too. No one has these in Halifax. Although, it's really quite brillant. Definitely helps with shovel time and cleaning off your car! Downtown, you see these literally on some streets, every house has one. This was taken on our street.
Steve waiting for the train, which was packed when it got to us because it was the Santa Clause Parade dowtown. Lots of kids everywhere!


Kat said...

Sniff Sniff.
Thank you for putting up the Ogilvy Pic.

The Dickinsons said...

seriously katie...montreal just isn't the same without you!!! we miss you here!

Melissa said...

Where was that Mexico bus????? I've never seen it before. And by the way, it DOES make me want to book a trip...:)