Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finally a new post...

Well, long time, no post...Sorry Katie!:) Anyway, we've been keeping pretty busy. We had a good weekend. My cousin, Kathy and her hubby, Joe stayed over night on Friday night and had dinner with us. Always LOVE hanging out with them! My friend, Kristi arrived Saturday morning bright and early from Halifax and is staying with us all week. We all went to the Biodome on Sunday and saw, my favorite, the penguins! I would love to have a pet penguin! Steve loves the Biodome, so he had a good time as always. Tomorrow maybe we'll head downtown to do some shopping. It's great just hanging out and catching up with Kristi again!
The penguins were getting fed when we were there. I've never seen them get fed, so I was excited. Man they are SO cute! I could watch them walk and eat and play all day!
Me and Kristi.
Steve watching the fish. He could watch the fish swim all day.
It's chilly in Montreal! We look cold in this pic. That's the Olympic Stadium behind us.
See the little girl bonding with the little groundhog guy?
Mr. Monkey. I hate zoos, but truly do enjoy the Biodome. I hope the animals there are happy...

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Drennans said...

I love that little monkey we saw! And I'm not talking about the guy that flashed me his goods while PEEING!! Sick! It's burned in my head now!