Monday, November 07, 2011

Upside-down and inside-out...

...that's sort of how my life feels at the moment. Just take a look at our spare room. Yikes. Here's a closer look, just so you can really see in progress...? Yes, let's call it that.
Random Cari Fact: I don't actually cope that well with change. You'd think I would be pretty good at it by now. This is going to be our third big move in just 5 years but I always find it tough. I usually get my head around things after awhile but there's always lots of ups and downs to get there. I'm an emotional person, what can I say! According to my naturopath, it's my blood type, I lead with emotions, it's in my biology! :)
The last few months have definitely been a roller-coaster but slowly, day by day, more and more things get checked off the to-do-list and my poor head gets a little bit more quiet. Yesterday, we washed Jesse's crate. It's been stored in our outdoor shed for the last couple years and definitely needed a good clean.
You may remember this picture from 2006? Funny how so much changes, yet so much stays the same! Also funny that having this crate clean and set-up for Jesse to get comfortable being in again totally helped to settle at least a few of the many thoughts running through my busy head. As Steve kindly put it today, I'm a mental monkey at times. I won't deny it!

In the middle of all this change and upside-down craziness, I feel more grateful than ever for a few little things... amazing co-workers (you know who you are!) who make me laugh out loud several times a day (I'm gonna miss them!)...the sunny warm weather that's offering us a little taste of summer in the middle of what's going to be a very long winter...all the hard work Steve has been doing to organize oh so many things...a chiropractor who keeps my headaches at bay and my emotions in check...last little catch ups with extra special new face wash that leaves my skin feeling super soft and my spirits lifted (it really is the little things! It smells good too!)...a half price sale on plane tickets that meant booking my trip home to Nova Scotia from Montreal for Christmas and a niece who thought to inform me of the deal...coming home yesterday to find Jesse sleeping happily in his crate (he likes it!) and lots of kind emails, facebook messages and texts from friends who make me feel very loved.

Even if things do get a little crazy at times, I'm one lucky girl! xoxo


Shan said...

So excited to hear that you're coming home for Christmas! So looking forward to seeing you and introducing you to my sweet little boy!

Lor said...

We're all feeling very lucky that you guys are coming home! How long will you be around at Christmas? How does bridesmaid dress shopping sound?

Visible Voice said...

I think about you all the time right now. Moving is so hard. It has so many ups and downs. I'm dying to chat with you but life is crazy for you right now so I know how that goes. Wish I could come help you out! Just think of how fun it will be to get some new winter wear!! Back to rockin' shopping in Montreal! I just got so excited for you right there!

Cari said...

thanks for the comments ladies! i'll definitely see you guys at christmas. i fly into halifax on the 18th december and then leave on the 30th. steve is driving with jesse a little closer to christmas and then we're driving back to montreal together. would love to fit in dress shopping lor! :)
kristi, life is pretty crazy at the moment but just as soon as i get settled in canada, we'll have to do a big phone catch up! and i've already thought about the shopping. i'm going to most definitely need winter clothes! xoxo

Cari said...

it's the first time in my life that i can actually say i "need" clothes! :) :)