Monday, November 14, 2011

Borassa Valley - South Australia

We recently visited Adelaide and it's stunning surrounding areas, which just so happen to be Australia's most famous wine region. It was one trip I really wanted to do before we left Australia, and so we set out on a 5 day road trip adventure. The time that we spent in the Borassa Valley was magical. Steve had booked the most amazing cottage for us to stay the night in. It was truly an enchanted place with beautiful gardens and a pathway of roses leading to our front door...
Inside was just as pretty and came complete with our own private outdoor courtyard (where we sipped wine and chatted while snuggled up in the coziest blankets ever!) and a luxurious spa bathtub...

It truly felt like our own private little oasis. We had such a blissful stay, which felt like just what the doctor ordered after a few weeks of uncertainty and change! I'd truly recommend Jacob's Creek Retreat to anyone wanting a romantic getaway in the Borassa Valley. Well done to my hubby for finding and surprising me with such a lovely place. You're the bestest!
After dinner on the evening of our stay, we took a walk through the gardens, along the creek named Jacob's Creek, around the property and through a nearby vineyard...
It was absolutely gorgeous and oh, so peaceful. The sun was setting and there wasn't another soul in site. The highlight of the walk though was by far the cat that joined us just outside the gate of the retreat's property, followed us on our entire walk (even waiting for us while we stopped to soak it all in), and all the way back to the gate of our cottage. Once we were safely inside, the cat laid down and relaxed by the gate. It was incredible!
It was such a loving kitty and really took to Steve. This is the third random cat that has come into my life in the last year (remember this and this?), which kind of got me thinking...what does a cat symbolize? This was pretty interesting to read. :)
The next morning, we visited Jacob's Creek winery. I've wanted to go to this winery since we first moved to Australia. It's a wine I used to drink in Canada and have always thought it would be cool to see it in Australia. We did a winery tour, which ended up being only me, Steve and the wine expert guy. We had 2 hours of one-on-one wine lessons from a guy that knew his wine! It was awesome. We learned so much!

We even got a private wine tasting and learned lots about matching wine with food. It was all so interesting! I had endless questions!
We bought 6 bottles of wine that are exclusive to the winery and are sending them back to Canada. We even had one bottle labelled, "Cari and Steve's Borassa Valley Adventure 2011". Yup, we're lame like that and love it! :)

We had the best time in the Borassa Valley. It will always be a special memory and hold a special place in my heart. As someone said to me, the best way to describe that area is a "gentle place" and I couldn't agree more!

More road trip photos to come! xoxo

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Nick and Mariana Vona said...

Aww those Australian beautiful places!! I miss them so much. I am glad you guys had the chance to do that last trip before heading back.